Deep analytics for

extreme business advantage



Team members have built and delivered analytics solutions for customers through more than 500 engagements in the US and Europe. These solutions range from predictive maintenance for hospital equipment to minimizing churn for telcos and utilities, sophisticated next best action systems for e-commerce, and price and demand forecasting for power producers and traders.


Our approach to your success goes well beyond a one-time discovery and model creation process.  All predictive solutions run on the cloud-based Dejalytics Analytics Platform, constantly monitored for accuracy and regularly refreshed to take advantage of the intelligence buried in your data.

Electricity Price Forecast: Power Trading Desks




  • Models to predict  price on major grids

  • Real time analytics, dashboards and signals for energy trading




  • For traders, consistent, and higher, profits

  • For producers and consumers, cost savings and reduced risk


Predicitive Maintenance: Industrial Equipment


  • Process 50,000 text messages per day

  • Create predictive models, collect sensor data and trigger real time alerts




  • Automated Service Notification & Request

  • Reduced spare parts inventory

  • Reaction to safety relevant issues within 24 hours

Customer Churn:
Electric Utility


  • Machine learning processes that identify customers at risk  - with  hourly updates

  • Call scripts and personalized offers




  • Customer churn reduced by 20%

  • Sales operations – reduced workload and headcount

Real-Time Lead Gen: European Car Maker




  • Real-time predictive modeling and scoring on website  (3 million visitors/month)

  • Score and segment web visitors based on web behaviours




  • 60% Increase in showroom attendance & test drives

  • 75% Higher ROI than the average of other online campaigns within 24 hours

Vehicle Option Analysis: General Motors




  • Analytics management platform connected to real-time global production data

  • Metrics, analytics & forecasts dashboard




  • System deployed and delivered within
    60 days

  • Build combinations reduced by 20%


Member Attrition:
Credit Union




  • Create 600+ variables that describe the behavior of individual Members.

  • Predictive models to pinpoint Members at risk of attrition.




  • Models accurately identify Members at risk

  • Personalized web site content targeted to retain Members.

Location Selection: Global Lifestyle Program


  • Identify the critical factors (demographics, traffic patterns etc) for profitable locations

  • Apply algorithmic processes to create robust predictive models




  • Accelerated the decision process

  • Increased profitability by optimizing site locations

Product Price Trends:
Consumer Intellligence


  • Cloud-based price forecasting for electronic consumer products

  • Automated creation and updating of 2,000 models each day




  • Consumers make fast, smart decisions on best time and price to buy

  • New source of subscription revenue for consumer data publisher

Customer Retention: Telecom Companies




  • Predictive modeling to identify customers at greater than 5x average risk of attrition

  • Wide variety of marketing treatments




  • Churn models by line and revenue, alignment by market segment

  • Analytics and marketing solution delivered in 120 days