Accurate and reliable

Behind the scenes, our unique analytics automation technology takes care of all the complexities of data science so that you can deliver on customers’ wants and needs, provide better products, and offer more reliable services.

Coaching and Consulting
  • Analytics Project Management

  • Analytics Tool Evaluations

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Design & Re-Engineering of Analytical Processes

  • Training on Machine Learning:

  • Algorithms

  • Model Assessment

  • Model Deployment


Analytics as a Service
  • Standardized Data Structures

  • Multi Model Lifecycle Management

  • Model Creation

  • Model Training & Recalibration

  • Model Assessment & Deployment

  • Model Deployment & Maintenance in Packaged, Web & Mobile Applications

  • Model Evaluation & Quality Management

Data Preparation
  • Design of Data Structures for Predictive Modeling

  • Batch and Real time Data Integration for Analytics

  • Automated Handling of Exceptions & Extremes

  • Integrated Sampling Methods

  • Dynamic & Automated Creation of Target Variables

Process Integration
  • Delivering Real time & Batch Scores

  • Model Deployment in Packaged, Web & Mobile Applications

  • Price and Demand Forecasts

  • Next Best Offer Modules

  • Churn Dashboards

  • Credit Limit Applications

Analytics Automation
  • The Dejalytics Analytics PlatformTM for automated, adaptive multi-model creation and management

  • Fully-integrated machine learning processes

  • Real-time model training and scoring for any predictive algorithm

  • Best-practice set-ups for machine learning processes