Foresight with Hindsight

Dejalytics has a proven track record of consistently producing reliable and accurate analytic solutions for problems involving large numbers of variables that are constantly changing. The team is led by professionals with experience across a broad range of industries and diverse clients.

David Inbar, Founder and CEO


David is a global business innovation executive who has grown software start-ups in both the US and Europe. Prior to founding Dejalytics, he led the business and product management functions for Pervasive Software’s Big Data Products group, driving the development and market adoption of high performance analytics solutions. He also headed up the global marketing and international channels teams for Pervasive’s Data Integration Products group as well as the company’s Innovation Lab focusing on adding cloud-based product lines.


During his 30+ years in the software industry in the U.S. and Europe, David has driven innovative business models and technology adoption strategies for many application development and data management products.  Before joining Pervasive, he held executive roles at Data Junction, Revelation Technologies, Helix Expert Systems and Ashton-Tate. David has a Masters in Engineering from Cambridge University and an MBA from the London Business School.

Mark Yuhn, Chief Analytics Officer


Mark is a leader in the application of data mining / statistics, and has applied this expertise in many industries and problem domains, including the application of real-time predictive models in support of digital marketing activities. Mark has delivered data analytics, models and related consulting services to clients in the automotive, financial, telecom and retail Industries. He has twice won the KDD-Cup Gold Miner award for excellence in data mining, modeling and analytics. Prior experiences include: CAO at Abundance Studios, LLC leading the analytic  & client services functions of the company by developing real-time predictive modeling solutions for operational and marketing excellence purposes.


As Global Practice Director at Urban Science, Mark was responsible for managing all facets of the customer analysis practice area - including production and marketing of statistical modeling and analysis tools/services for clients on a worldwide basis. Mark has a BBA in Finance and an MBA in Quantitative Analysis, both from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor).

Dan Bryant, VP Platform Architecture


Dan is a designer of information systems for industrial applications that span industrial sensors, PDA’s and the cloud.  He is also an inventor of logic control and diagnostic devices and holds multiple patents.  He has leveraged his more than 20 years experience in diagnostics and software development, to engineer cutting edge solutions for the elevator industry and more recently for the smart grid.


Dan is a mentor and builder of creative development teams for both hardware and software challenges.



Craig Murphy, VP Data Technology


Craig is a senior technology consultant with deep experience with architecting and implementing very large-scale, complex real time systems.  As Senior VP and CTO for American Airlines’ Sabre Holdings Inc. over several decades, he pioneered the development of the original airline fare searching, ticket pricing and booking system based on mainframes and then the transition to open, distributed Unix systems. Craig is also the holder of patents related to the management of distributed processing and the design of travel systems. 


Prior to Sabre, Craig was VP of Technology & Infrastructure at Galileo International (then a subsidiary of United Airlines).  More recently, Craig has consulted on IT architecture and the growing use of advanced analytics for clients in the oil, energy exploration and healthcare industries. Craig has a BS in Engineering from the University of Texas and a PhD in Mineral Economics from the Colorado School of Mines