Differentiate and expand

your business


Dejalytics partners with industry leaders to deliver a broad range of analytics solutions. By leveraging these solutions, partners grow their revenues and margins as well as expand their customer relationships.


System Integrators

As trusted advisors to many clients, System Integrators incorporate Dejalytics into their product portfolios and offer Dejalytics-based professional services as part of their practice. Partners in this category typically offer performance assurance, IT consulting and application management services...

Software Solutions Providers

Software partners use Dejalytics to extend and enhance their own products. Partners may choose to manage and execute predictive models inside the Dejalytics interface and platform, consume Dejalytics models in their own products, or build entirely new data products by combining Dejalytics with their own capabilities.


Why Partner with Dejalytics?


  • Higher revenue and margins

  • Solving analytics problems always results in additional services/product demand

  • Deployments create incremental demand for hardware and services as data sources and volumes continue to grow

  • Better gross margins from analytics services and solutions

  • Build competitive differentiation

  • Change the dynamic with your client base – offer solutions, not just technology

  • Broaden your connections with executive stakeholders

  • Get engaged – without delay, but with low risk

  • Leverage Dejalytics’ resources to match emerging trends and demand

  • No additional bandwidth to execute initially – grow at your own pace

  • Expand the skill set of your current data management, data analyst and BI SME’s with help from Dejalytics